What if Your Child was “Paid” for Reading?

Book It!Pizza Huts Book It! program is reading payment in the form of pizza.  🙂  As you’re scheduling out your next years’ homeschool plan, put this in your arsenal.  It’s a great reading motivator for your kids.






I wrote about the ULTIMATE OF ULTIMATE reading rewards – that you have to wait until summer to enjoy – on Monday.

Read to Succeed









But this one, you get to enjoy all through the school year.  It helps you keep things going, toward the bigger prize. 🙂

Pizza Hut’s Book It! Program.  Who doesn’t love Pizza??  Actually, we have a friend who doesn’t like pizza sauce, so there you go.  But we’ve actually asked for no sauce before, they’ve got you covered, no problem.

This reading incentive is for kindergarden through sixth grade students.  Enrollment is now open for the 2017-18 school year.

Once you’ve signed up, Book It!  will send you cute little certificates to fill out for each child once they reach their reading goal for the month.  You could call it their paycheck for reading. 🙂  You set the reading goal for each child – depending on their age and ability.

Book It!

Once they reach their reading goal, you issue them a certificate with their name on it, and head out to eat!

The program runs from October to March.  If you do sign up, don’t be alarmed if your local Pizza Hut hasn’t heard of the program.  We live in the sticks, and we got that reaction a few times over the years with new servers.  They’ll check it out, it’s legit. 

The kids are so proud to hand over their certificate to “pay” for their pizza.  It’s very cool.

Coupled with the Six Flags Read to Succeed program, you’ve got a winning reading motivator plan!!

Don’t forget to check out your local library for reading motivators too.  We have an awesome ice cream shop that partners with the local library during the summer.  They award FREE ICE CREAM to kids!!  It’s homemade specialty ice cream too, fancy stuff.

Do you know of any other awesome reading motivators?

Talk to me, I'd love to hear from you!