Stump Your Mom – Spelling and Vocabulary Game

Stump Your MomWe’re back in school!  I came up with a game for the kids to encourage interest in spelling and vocabulary a little more this year – Stump Your Mom – more on that later.

Our first day of school was Monday – the day of the Eclipse.  How cool is that? 

I started the day off with some “welcome to grade ___” pancakes.  They were a hit.

Stump Your Mom

We were not in the path of totality for the eclipse.  In our area we saw about 85-90% of the sun covered.  It was incredible how sunny it still was with that much sun covered up!  It did get a little “dark” – I would liken it to it just being a little overcast by clouds.  And the crickets did get louder for a while.

Stump Your Mom

We went to a local state park that had activities and solar glasses ready for us, which was so nice because it was about impossible to order them by the time I went to look for them!

Scavenger Hunt Eclipse Booty:

Stump Your Mom

Some friends made a projector out of a cereal box to view the eclipse – it was pretty cool.

Stump Your Mom

We’ve gotten back into the groove of school quite nicely (knock on some wood!!).  We haven’t jumped into all subjects we’ll be doing yet, but everything we have done we have all enjoyed.  Awesomeness!!

Free Spelling/Vocabulary Game:

Stump Your Mom

I came up with a game for the kids to be more into spelling and vocabulary this year – DS and DD got all wide-eyed when I explained it to them. 🙂  I’ve got the printable (free!) for you at the end of the post.  It’s called “Stump Your Mom”.  It goes like this:

The kids will choose 3 words from anything they read during the week.  Write the words in the bubbles.  Write the sentence the word appeared in (and definition if you wish), and reference the book/source and page number the word was found in.  Then, they will say the word and sentence/definition to you (mom).  Your goal is to spell them all correctly.  

Turning the kids into the teacher – the best way to get them to remember some things ;). 

If you spell all the words correctly, you’re the Queen of the World!!  You can make your prize be anything from just bragging rights, to not having to cook dinner, to making the kids hop on one foot while spinning around singing “My mom is the Champion!”.  Haha – have fun. 

I also have a “Stump Your Dad” printable, in case he wants in on the game also.

If you have children around the same spelling ability, and they can compete without bloodshed (ahem, not mine) they can try to stump each other.  Spell the words your sibling gives you in the box at the bottom of your own sheet, they will also read you the sentence/definition to help you. 

This way, at the end of the week each child will have at least 6 new words they know.  If you have more than 2 children, they will either have more words or you could pair them up.

The printables are in color, but you can also print them black and white and have the kids trace over the areas with markers, or decorate the margins.  Whatever they need to do to be interested!

Narnia sure is a good source of unusual words.  Bivouac: a temporary camp without tents or cover, used especially by soldiers or mountaineers.

We’ve also been admiring the little frogs outside our doors.  I leave the lights on for them every night.  And it seems that every year we have more and more of them.  They’re so cute!

Stump Your Mom

It feels good to be back at it.  I hope your year has, or will, kick off nicely for you!

Do you have any funny games to help your kids with a subject?

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  1. What a fun game and I love your grade pancake idea! Maybe my kids might actually remember what grade they are supposedly in and not look like deer in the headlights when people ask.

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