Snakes and Spider Plants – Removing Snakes and Rooting Plants

Snakes Spider PlantsI’ve been wanting to root some of my moms Spider Plant – I know, I’m on a plant kick lately.  I wanted to do it in water so the kids and I could see the roots grow.  I’ve got these cute little clear tubes (look like scientific test tubes) that I wanted to build a little rack for.  ‘Cause, you know I love building. 

I was discussing this with DS and he said he could make one with LEGO.  I drew him a little diagram of what I was thinking about:

Snakes Spider Plants

And he came back 2 minutes later, before I even had my work station cleared, with this:

Snakes Spider Plants

We got side-tracked by this little guy IN THE BASEMENT!  Can you hear me screaming?! 

Snakes Spider Plants

Well, we did some impromptu – and brisk reading on snakes of VA, and found that this guy is an Eastern King Snake.  He eats other venomous snakes.  Lovely.

Thank GOD he’s not poisonous – I know he’s dead and all, but the thought of Mama snake coming inside and laying her eggs somewhere and I have more of these around – and I was BAREFOOT!

Heeby jeebies.

Hubby (who is out of town) wanted me to get him out of the house before he started stinking.  Friends, I planned to take a bucket, place it under the snake, and cut the duck tape away right with him and let the whole thing fall in the bucket.  

Then I would take him outside and throw the whole thing in the woods…right after I took him to my moms to gross her out as well, because who doesn’t like to torture their mom a little – even if you are 30-something 😉

Well, you know how plans sometimes go sideways when you’re trying to play a trick on someone else?


It was still ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kid you not!

OMG – I was doing a dance!!!  I’m sure I looked ridiculous – but I have never liked snakes. As soon as I lifted the scissors up to the tape to cut it, the snake stuck out his slithery tongue and moved its tail!!!

DD is more brave than I when it comes to snakes I learned.  She actually cut it away for me.  Good little girl. 

And then I took it over to Mom, freaked her out, and then pleaded to my StepDad to do something.  He gingerly peeled him off the tape as best he could, and decided to put him in the straw in the barn to give him a fighting chance.

Snakes Spider Plants

Well.  SMH.  You just can’t make this stuff up.

So what was I talking about?  Oh yeah, Spider Plant root cutting doo-hickey.

I got little test-tube like things and had to use them for something school related.  We are working on keeping a plant alive this year, as well as learning more about how they grow.  I gathered some wood scraps from around the basement.

Snakes Spider Plants

Then got some tools out and in about 20 minutes had this little test tube rack built:

Snakes Spider Plants

We then went over to Moms again and raided her plants.  The Spider Plant off shoots had many babies to chose from – and some had big roots already.  We took a cutting of her Japanese Maple tree also, just to see what would happen. 

I successfully rooted a Japanese Maple (those trees are expensive – I am so excited!) cutting earlier in the summer with rooting hormone and putting it into dirt, so I’m curious to see if it roots in water.  Once we were home we added a few cuttings from my Money Tree.

Snakes Spider Plants

It’ll be interesting to actually see the root growth through the clear tubes.  I’m also curious if I can grow a carrot in one of these to see the whole process…

Snakes Spider Plants

BTW, Update from last weeks’ post: DD chose a Valentine Hoya as her plant to keep alive this year.  She decided that it would be the easiest to care for, was a little cool, and she could potentially sell cuttings in the future. 

It grows pretty slow, so we’ll see if she sticks with it long enough to reap the benefits.

Snakes Spider Plants

Taking cuttings from plants is a great way to grow free plants.  Some root better than others.  Have you experimented with plants?

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  1. I often have the spider plants rooting in clear glass bowls on our windowsill. I love that you made it look all sciency with the test tubes! I do not envy you the job of dealing with that snake tough; I am not a fan of them.

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