Putting the Homeschool Schedule in the Kids’ Hands.

Homeschool ScheduleI’m an accountant by trade, a methodical person by nature, and I love spreadsheets.  The first couple years of our homeschooling journey, I would schedule out our assigned courses by day and week using spreadsheets.  I still do, but in the beginning I was very stingy with my spreadsheets!

Homeschool Schedule

I wouldn’t let the kids into the file.  It was my precious.  Early on, when the kids were in kindergarden or first grade, this may have been a little much for them to handle.  Then, a few years ago something happened that made me realize I could, and should, share it. 

DS was very curious at how I knew what subjects to do which days.  Then, they saw my schedule over my shoulder.

My little boy made a comment that it was “cool”  haha – yeah!  So, I printed a blank week out (it really doesn’t change much throughout the year) and laminated it so they could mark off what they had finished each day. 

Well, they really liked being “in charge” of their schedule.  But, I still had to transfer the record to the computer.  So, I showed them how to do it on the computer and make sure they saved their changes.

The schedule has purple and green for the subjects they need to do each day.  Once they are done with that subject, they place an “x” in the spot and keep moving.  They do the subjects in any order they wish.

Fridays have always been our light days, until we started doing Co-op on Wednesdays this year.  Now we do school 5 days a week.  This is our schedule from a few years ago.

Homeschool Schedule

The whining of “are we done yet?” and negotiations of what they did and din’t want to do were all but gone.This was way more of a shift in our schooling than I ever thought.  They were now more in charge of their own schooling than ever before.  They knew what to expect of each day, and didn’t feel like there was this endless list somewhere that they never knew what to expect and when they would be done with school.

The following year, we laid out the week together.  I told them how many days a week they needed to do each subject, and we assigned them throughout the week. 

Now, they access the spreadsheet daily.  They’ve only messed up something a handful of times.  All in all, it’s been an improvement in our homeschool communication.

How about you?  I’ve starting thinking about next years schedule.  How do you go about yours?

Boy, giving up control is hard sometimes.  All I know is, when you think you have things figured out, get ready because they’re getting ready to change.  😉

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