LEGO Brainiacs Class


This is a full semester (15 classes designed for an hour each) of LEGO builds and challenges for your homeschool LEGO lovers.  Use this with your own kids, in your co-op, or as an extension of a club or summer camp – wherever!


What’s in this LEGO Brainiacs Class?  Zip lines, marble race, stop-action films, lockable boxes, and more – all with LEGO!

This is your ticket to being the ultimate-awesomest homeschool mom on the block/in the co-op.

A full 15 weeks worth of classes detailed out and ready for you to hit the ground building. Everything you need:

  • Detailed Class description
  • Supplies list
  • Class by class topic including instructions, pictures, links to instructables, fun facts to cover during each class

A peak into what you’ll be doing:

Racing kids with LEGO down zip-lines!

LEGO Brainiacs Class

My all-time Champion of the WORLD LEGO Zip Line riding Horse!

LEGO Stop-Action Film


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