Inventions – It Was Intended for What?!?


How are things invented and what is a patent.  In this class, students will delve into various inventions and discover how they were invented and by whom.  They will learn the practical uses for the invention, as well as what the inventor was really trying to invent when stumbling upon an invention.  Some inventions will be used in funny ways, and others will be eaten. 

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Homeschool Inventions Class

The age range of the class is 3rd to 8th grade, although during our co-op when other classes were canceled for whatever reason, we had high schoolers in this class as well.

We all really enjoyed this class.  Just about every lesson has a hands-on component to really solidify the days’ lesson.

What does this class include?

15 Weeks of 1 hour classes with a different invention to discover each class

Class Description

Supplies List

Detailed Class Plans, including invention background, full history website links, supporting video links, activity outline and follow-up questions

Hands-on activities to really get the kids involved and to help with retention

Just a few examples of the activities:

Homeschool Inventions Class

Duck-taping kids to the floor




Homeschool Inventions Class

Dying fabric with berries





Homeschool Inventions Class

Making cheese with 3 ingredients






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