My Story

Hello there!

My name is Maria, I’m a 30-something mom in VA with 2 kids, 3 dogs and a horse, it’s nice to meet you.

Sorry about the cheese – I normally make faces in pictures, I don’t know why.  I’ll try harder for a better pic, but putting a face to a blog is important, so here’s my cheese!

I started this little blog to help others on their homeschooling journey.  There were a couple key homeschooling parents who guided and encouraged me when I first started, and I am incredibly grateful.

Now that I have 6 years of homeschooling under my belt, it’s time to pay the encouragement and guiding forward.  I hope you’ll find helpful resources and good feels from this site.  Feel free to contact me always at

My story…

Around 2008 I was working as a Finance Director, shuttling my kids to and from daycare, many nights picking them up late.  I was not happy.  We had a big house, 2 new cars, but I. was. not. happy.

Weekends were spent cleaning said big house, and shopping for the upcoming week. Rinse. Wash. Repeat.  I felt I had no time to be the kind of Mom I wanted to be.

Hubby and I decided we had to drastically change things up.  So, we sold our house, 1 car and got an apartment.  We started attacking our debt so we could move to the country where we longed to raise our family, have a comfortable but small house, and I could be home with the kids.

Somewhere along this 2 year journey, it occurred to me; why be home with the kids if I’m just going to be sending them to school for most of the day?  Why not homeschool?  I truly don’t know where this came from.  I knew absolutely no one that was homeschooling.  But somehow, it felt right, and I suddenly felt very strongly about this.

Bring on the research!  I’m the type that reads and researches and reads and researches some more before jumping into anything.  Plus, I had no idea how hubby would react, and I wanted to be prepared.  Statistics, sources, print-outs…I was ready.

So, I very nervously started the conversation of how if I was to be home with the kids, why send them off to someone else all day, why not homeschool them?

Before I could even start my next sentence, and point out my first supporting statistic or anything, hubby says “Yeah, you should do that.  I’ve been thinking about it too.”


But….um….don’t you want to hear anything else about it?

“Nope, I’m sure you’ve looked into it, and you’ll do great.”

Dang, way to take the wind out of my sails.  But, how could I complain!?!  Holy cow this man, ok.

So, now I’ve got six years of this homeschooling gig (wow!) under my belt.  I’ve had my fair share of fears, doubts, successes and I’m ready to share and help.   This has been, and is, a wonderful journey.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Although some days can be quite difficult, I am truly blessed to have a hubby that partners in this crazy journey with me.

Other stats to help you get to know me:

  • I don’t wear makeup, I wore it for my wedding, and I think that’s it.
  • I LOVE tie dye – color makes me happy.  🙂
  • I love scary movies – the scarier the better – like, have to pull your feet in from the side of the bed scary!!
  • I LOVE roller coasters!!!
  • I despise mopping and dusting.  Washing dishes by hand is somewhat therapeutic, but I won’t be getting rid of my dishwasher.
  • I do like everything in it’s place, slightly OCD.
  • I love DIY everything.  I sew, knit, build, construct, cook; however, my green thumb is seriously lacking-but, succulents I can do 🙂
  • I love practical jokes, and occasionally enjoy duck-taping kids to chairs 😉

Join me, be part of the adventure!