LEGO Stop-Action Movie

Check out this awesome, if not very short, stop-action movie my LEGO class made:

A little background:

We have been having a blast in our LEGO Brainiacs Co-op class.  Every class has a Topic, Activity, Fun Fact and Free build time (normally).

The topic of this class, was making a stop-action movie from scratch.  They spent one whole class (an hour) building the props and designing the outline of their story.

The second day we set up the background, and shot all the pictures.  There was just a little editing done after class, and vio la – stop action movie!

I’d say they did pretty good for only two classes dedicated to this.  The music cracks me up.  I’d say if you wanted it to be even longer, to dedicate two days to taking the pictures. I would make sure that you had some controlled lighting, and that you somehow marked where everything went with tape in order to control the background and that it doesn’t move.

All in all, I’m very pleased with what they accomplished on their first try.  They have a new appreciation for long stop-action movies!

You can get the full semester class to add all sorts of fun to your homeschool.

If you would like a sample of the class details, sign up below and I’ll be sure to get it to you!  This covers everything you need to do to have four 1-hour classes in LEGO awesomeness.