The Last Day of School?? What do you do When Your Plans go Out the Window?

Last Day of SchoolYep, I had it all planned out.  This year, I was going to get “last day of school” pictures. Maybe we’d go to the zoo, or a museum and enjoy ourselves.

The last day of school was going to be 5-31.  We didn’t have any plans for Memorial Day, so we’d have a nice short 3 day week to cap us off.

Then a good friend invited us over for Memorial Day.  (Monday shot)

Then DD spent the night at said friends (Tuesday shot)

Wednesday?  Now, that would be down right silly and torturous to have school for one day just for the sake of it.  (I’m not sure who would be tortured more, the kids or myself?)

All this not to complain, because we had a great time with friends.

All this to remember to be flexible, to not be so hard on yourself for not “Sticking to the Plan!”.

Life happens, and when it does remember to be thankful.  The building of relationships is the most valuable skill you could possibly give your kids.

Last Day of School

And if you really need to justify it to yourself, just go back in your memory and pick up some of those nights or wintery Saturdays where all you did was read or watch endless NOVA programs,

or listened to NPR and engaged in debate and discussion,

or Science Fridays sent you researching well into the night,

or when your kids learned to cook something on their own,

or wash clothes without turning all the whites pink (or doing so, and learning why that happened!).  Count just some of that school, I’m sure you’ll have a few days covered, and call it done.

Homeschooling is not just 9-2 M-F, it really is all the time.

So, I have no end of year pictures.  No end of year celebration.  But, I did get a hug for declaring school over.  That’s enough 🙂 🙂


How is the end of your school year shaping up?

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