Keeping Science Interesting (For Teacher and Student)

Keeping Science InterestingKeeping science interesting has never been something I feel that I can attest to.  But, our science lessons have been improving over the years.

I found this radio show on a several hour drive through Washington D.C. about two years ago.  The kids were asleep, their movies were finally off and I needed something to listen to.  Don’t ask me why talk radio helps me stay awake.

D.C. has tons of talk radio shows, and I stumbled upon this one.  It’s called Science Friday.  Two hours of science.  Every topic was fascinating.  Just quick clips of various studies, experiments and happenings in science and technology currently going on.

I never really enjoyed science in school.  I mean, one of the reasons I went to business school was to avoid science!  Fast forward to homeschooling my kids, and I still don’t enjoy it. 

But this radio show, for some reason was interesting.  Maybe it was the shortness of each story.  Or maybe it was that these were current experiments and studies and how they affect our world now and into the future, not a drilling of periodic tables or human anatomy. 

Also, one of the topics was the axolotl.  Have you ever heard of this amphibian?  This was the second time in so many months that I had, and it piqued my interest.

We had recently finished VBS, where this little creature was featured.  It’s a Mexican salamander with the ability to regenerate limbs!!  How weird!!! 

Here’s the video about them from the Science Friday website:

Keeping Science Interesting

How stinkin’ cute is that little guy? 

When we got home from our trip, I looked the show up and found the local station it would be on.  (The fact that I remembered to do so, and remembered the name of the show should show you just how interesting it was – haha!) 

The next Friday the kids and I listened to the Science Friday show.  Well, they had so many questions about each story I couldn’t keep up and listen to what was being said!  Happy problem. 🙂

So, I looked further into the website.  I found that we could listen (and watch!) to the clips of the show and I could pause it whenever I needed to.  Oh, how that was so much better.  We could pause the stories and have a discussion, or look up answers to burning questions. 

We also could skip topics we weren’t interested in.   Or, if the topics we already listened to led us on an extensive research trail, we could call it quits before our brains went on information overload. 😉

Active, relevant to our world science, this was cool.  In little manageable segments.  The website even has a separate student section called “Science Friday Spoonfuls”.  New stories each week, with a video, article, interview, questions, and activity suggestions ready and waiting for you and your kids to dive in.

We now include this resource in our science rotation.  I like to change it up a bit, so nobody gets bored. 

And, all this is FREE!  I love free resources.  I hope you’ll enjoy this one as well.

Find your local radio station here, or just zip on over to the website here.

Happy science-ing!

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