Keeping a Plant Alive – Are Your Kids up to the Challenge?

Keeping a Plant AliveOne of the long-term assignments I have for my kids this year is to care for and keep a plant alive the whole year.  Keeping a plant alive.  That’s the challenge, I mean assignment 😉

DS quickly settled on a Venus Fly Trap.  Well, we were at Wally World the other day and they had them for $5.  Sold.  We brought him home, and this week DS did a little research to determine the best way to treat and care for his plant.  Location in the house, watering, what to feed it, etc.

We’ve already devised a way to get bugs to feed it – we’ll just borrow some from our green frogs around the outdoor lights at night.  I’m sure their will be plenty to share. 🙂

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And did you know that the native habitat of the Venus Fly Trap is North and South Carolina wetlands?  Pretty cool – as those are states we’ve been to, and they’re a hop skip and a jump from us. 

Keeping a Plant AliveDS decided, since the scientific name is Dionaea muscipula, he would call it “Dion”.  We name some of our plants.  Is that weird?  I think it’s fun. 

I recently got a Dracaena that I’m calling “Draky” like dracula.  I’m pretty sure a dracula wouldn’t have this plant though.  But, it makes me giggle to think of – so that’s his name!

Anywho – this week on PBS we were able to catch the show “Plants Behaving Badly – Murder and Mayhem”.  It was all on carnivorous plants.  Talk about cool timing!!

DS had actually seen the episode previously on Netflix (unbeknownst to me) and remembered quite a bit of the facts.  He finished many of the sentences of the narrator.  That was pretty great.

I can’t wait to see how many days it takes for Dion to digest a fly vs a fruit fly…

DD has been a little harder to sell on this idea.  So, I picked five plants that I thought she would love and were easy keepers, and she’s still compiling her research to determine which one she would like to try.

The plants she’s researching are:

       Silver Vase Plant                            Ti Plant                     Wandering Jew Plant

Keeping a Plant AliveKeeping a Plant Alive

Keeping a Plant Alive

         Red Hot Cat’s Tail Plant                Valentine Hoya

Keeping a Plant AliveKeeping a Plant Alive






She quickly eliminated the Silver Vase Plant.  It can take up to 5 years to produce its striking flower (which makes it pricey) and then commences to die (which makes it no fun).  Boo.

DD is warming up to the idea though.  She’s finding that it’s really not that hard to take care of a house plant.  And they add a special something to a room.

This is going to make science so much more fun this year. 

How about your kids?  What plant would they chose to keep alive?

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