Is the Idea of a Homeschool Desk Stuck in Your Head?

Homeschool DeskAre you getting ready for the upcoming school year and readying your homeschool desks?  I’m procrastinating a little on my plan for the upcoming year, but I know it won’t include a homeschool desk!

A few weeks ago I wrote you my Top 10 Tips for Newbie Homeschoolers.  I actually wrote 11.  And I feel like I could have kept going!  I’d like to elaborate on #9 a bit:

“If you went to public school, your homeschool should look very unlike it!”

I have seen many homeschoolers with individual desks for each child.  With their own pens, markers and books.  When I first started out, I thought that was what I would do for my little homeschool as well.  I thought it was so cute, and organized!

Much like the curriculum that I had envisioned perfectly in my head, I quickly realized this would not work for my crew.

Does your home school resemble a classroom?

Not ours, it just wasn’t worth my energy to constantly get the kids to sit still.  At the same spot.  Especially DS.  Good lord.  He would be upside down on the couch while I was reading aloud.

And, he could pay attention, even though it didn’t feel like it to me!

Neither of us was happy.  So what was the point?  Desks, I found, were just for me.  There was no benefit for the kids that I could see from making them sit at a desk!

DD would rather sit on the couch, or in the floor, or at the living room table which was low to the ground.

Would a little sitting arrangement leeway help your homeschool?

I think sometimes we moms who went through the school system think that we need to recreate our childhood experience.

But why?

One of the many benefits of homeschooling is that it can be whatever we want it to be.

And let me waylay any fears you may have that you will be teaching your kids to never sit still, or behave at a table.

Six years into this journey, and my children can sit still now when they need to.  And they could back then also. They have behaved well in church, in the doctors office, at the library, etc etc etc.

They are comfortable in their home, doing school, learning, cooking, living and growing right along.

What does your homeschool look like?  Has it changed since first beginning?

Would bean bag chairs work for reading time?  Would a lap desk help with writing activities, or while using a laptop in the couch?

2 thoughts on “Is the Idea of a Homeschool Desk Stuck in Your Head?

  1. I’m a firm believer in letting kids work in the space that works for them. That said I have at least one student who needs more structure so she can pay attention and complete her assignments. This year we are trying out a “school room”. I often teach several children at the same time and I’m going to see if this new arrangement helps keep school on track. There will be times when individual study is taking place and they will be allowed to choose their space, as long as they are getting their work done in a reasonable amount of time. This year we have 8th, 7th, 5th, and 2 first graders, with a preschooler along for the ride and two toddlers to occupy.

  2. Thanks for your great comment. Yes, meet the kids where they are. I’m a little envious that you have a dedicated school room – that’s awesome! I have day-dreamt of turning a little shed into a school room where everything can stay out and messy. Oh well, use what you have! 🙂 Have a great year.

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