Homeschooling Geography-Can you make Geography Irresistible?

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Homeschooling GeographyMaking Geography irresistible. Easy task, or no?

Both my kids are somewhat interested in Geography. It helps that we sponsor children through Children International, we exchange postcards with people around the world, and that their Dad is from another country.


Part of making geography irresistible in our house is a subscription to Which Way USA, published by Highlights.  We actually had two subscriptions, because who wants to hear the kids fight over the hidden pictures puzzles? Lol

Truth be told, it was actually my Mom who found this little gem, and purchased it as a gift for the kids.  They love getting mail with their name on it!  It just adds to the excitement. Excitement for school = I LOVE IT!

Homeschooling Geography
I loved those hidden picture puzzles in Highlights when I was a kid.  But I was only lucky enough to see the magazine in doctors offices, not have my own subscription.  (Secretly, I’m so tickled when the kids can’t find something and ask for my help!) 😉

I love this Highlights magazine, as it is not just a puzzling and reading magazine, but it teaches geography at the same time through games and the “race through the state”.

Every set includes a map of the state, so map-reading starts early, and this also helps with reinforcing state capitals.  At the bottom of the map is a fact pack, that includes information that the kids can memorize or compare to their own states, like state flower, interesting facts, and famous people to name a few.

This fact pack is also used to answer questions in games throughout the magazine.

Homeschooling Geography

Well, two years ago when we had the subscriptions, I forgot to put them on hold over the summer.  When I finally (asked Mom to) put it on hold, I had about 10 packets piled up (they come every 3 weeks).  Two states are in every packet. They made their way to the storage cabinet, where they lay forgotten until a few weeks ago.

We were searching for something else, when we came upon them and the kids were excited that they had a new option for geography to add to the mix.  So was I, as our current geography printable was losing it’s appeal!  Sometimes, it’s just fun to change things up a bit.

This subscription is geared toward ages 6 and up.  My two are 12 and 10(!), and they still enjoyed following the two characters on a race through the state!

I like it because while the kids think they are playing games and doing puzzles, they are actually learning about each state as they move through the magazine.  And, it often leads us on fact-finding searches for more information.  I love research!

Which Way USA is a great addition to our homeschooling geography arsenal.


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How do you change things up and keep geography irresistible?

Talk to me, I'd love to hear from you!