Weekly Wrap Up #1 – Homeschool Spring Break

Spring Break


We’ve been on a Homeschool Spring Break this week.  Some years we have one, some years we don’t.  This year we had the opportunity to do something really fun, so we took a homeschool spring break.

A close friend was having a Horse Camp this week at her house, and DD REALLY wanted to go.  So, we trailered the horse over there on Monday, and hung out there all week.

We’ve been outside almost all day, everyday.  We’ve had beautiful weather.  I, of course, got sunburnt.  But we’ve had a great time.  We’ve been super tired at the end of the days, and have slept really well.  Here are some highlights:

4 Square

Have you heard of this game?  The kids had loads of fun with this!  It simply is a square spray-painted on the ground.  Here are the details of how to play, but basically it’s kind of a complicated version of dodge ball, and very fun and easy to play.  It moves really quickly and everyone gets a chance to serve.

All Things Horse

Musical stalls on horses (think parking your horse in a parking spot delineated by some poles instead of sitting in chairs), trail rides, racing, training, simon says, around the world, and standing in saddles to name a little bit.  All fun, all the time. 🙂

Homeschool Spring Break

Racing around to get to the pole stall first. (there’s another on the other side)

We helped our friend build some cavaletti also. One of my favorite things to do is build things, so I got to have some fun too (I do not ride).  I do love grooming and hugging the horses though :).  If you’re a horse person and would like to build some, there are great (and free) plans here.

Homeschool Spring Break


DD turned 12 on Thursday!!  Her official celebration will be this weekend.  But, we were lucky enough to be with good friends this week, so we were able to celebrate with coconut cake all around!

Adoptive Pet

There’s this cat at my friends house who claims me as his whenever I’m there. I have no idea why, it’s pretty funny.  But, no I can’t take him home, as hubby is allergic.

Homeschool Spring Break


I’m so glad we were able to do this!  We had to do a bunch of training with our horse, as she previously didn’t want to get in the trailer at all.  A great family friend (who happens to be a horse expert) came over, trained us and the horse, and then we trained with the horse all week twice a day prior to this little trip. It paid off, and hopefully we’ll not have any issues anymore.

We’ll be back at our normal schedule next week.  But this was a welcome break to get us through the final stretch of finishing the year up strong.  How about you – do you take a Homeschool Spring Break?

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