Can I Help You With a Homeschool Class?

Inventions ClassI am so super excited (and a little nervous) to offer you guys my “Inventions – It Was Intended for What?!?” class. This is a tried and true, one semester class that I put together for our co-op last semester.

This class incorporates science, history, cooking, crafts, patent knowledge and more!

You can use this as a summer program, part of a kids club at church, in your own homeschool, or in your co-op.  Everything is laid out for you.  Lessons, links, list of supplies needed.

If you’d like a sneak peek – just fill out this little form and I’ll send it right over.

Or, you can read previous posts as you wish:

Inventions Class

Before this class, I always thought making cheese was complicated and that I needed special tools – I’m so glad we tried it.  This cheese is seriously easy, and totally yummy!





Inventions Class

The invention of synthetic mauve dye is quite interesting.  We used berries to dye our fabric instead of chemicals!






Inventions ClassThis was the first class of the semester.  Serious laughter was coming out of our room – everyone wanted to know what in the world we were doing!! Duck taping kids to chairs and the floor is some serious fun! 🙂

The age range of the class is 3rd to 8th grade, although during our co-op when other classes were canceled for whatever reason, we had high-schoolers in this class as well.

We all really enjoyed this class.  Just about every lesson has a hands-on component to really solidify the days’ lesson.  And several of the classes include an edible component!

What does this Inventions Class include?

15 Weeks, 1 semester, of 1 hour classes with a different invention to discover each class

Class Description

Supplies List detailing everything by class, so if you need to cut any days out it is easy to do so 

Detailed Class Plans, including invention background, full history website links, supporting video links, activity outline and follow-up questions

Hands-on activities to really get the kids involved and to help with retention

This class is not:


Just a bunch of worksheets

So, hop on over to my shop page and get this class!  I know your children will love it.  🙂


Inventions Class

I hope that this little class lights up your homeschool this year.


Have you started planning your classes for next year yet?


Talk to me, I'd love to hear from you!