Have you Signed up for FREE Roller Coasters? 

Read to SucceedSix Flags has the most awesome reading reward ever, called Read to Succeed!  Yes, it is for Homeschoolers!  And this past weekend, we went up to Baltimore to enjoy the tickets the kids earned this past school year. 

Boy was it hot, but we had fun!

Probably our favorite ride at Six Flags America is The Joker’s Jinx.  It’s a mix of hills and loops set out in a “spaghetti bowl” mess – in a good way.  It has a linear induction motor that launches you from 0 to 60 mph in just over three seconds!!

Read to Succeed

When we used to live further north, we would go to Six Flags Great Adventure, in New Jersey.  Our favorite ride there is the Kingda Ka – I wrote more about that over at A GIANT Reading Reward

Read to Succeed

This is the last year DD is getting a free ticket, as she is entering the 7th grade next year (Holy Cow)!  The free tickets are only for kids in kindergarden through sixth grade. 

How to sign up to get free tickets for your kids:

  1. Head over to Read to Succeed website in the fall and sign up for the program.  Put a reminder on your calendar not to forget!
  2. Keep track of your kids extra reading (reading unrelated to school) during the school year.  They can read books, ebooks, comic books, newspapers, and magazines.  They only have to read for 6 hours.  For some this is a breeze, for others it’s a bit of a challenge – but, with tickets as the motivator, they will get there!
  3. Log your childs’ reading into the Read to Succeed website by March 1st – put a huge reminder on your calendar not to forget this!!  If you forget, you’ll be outa luck and your kids will be totally bummed. 
  4. Tickets will be released to your Read to Succeed portal in early May.  They are usually emailed to you as well.  

Things to keep in mind:

  1. When you register for the program, you have to select which Six Flags park you will be visiting, as you cannot transfer your tickets.  Picking a different park each year is not a problem though, just be mindful of which park you would like to pick when you register.
  2. The tickets will be issued electronically through your Six Flags Read to Succeed account, and they will also be emailed to you in early May.  The tickets are only good for certain dates that are determined by the parks, and will be printed on your tickets.
  3. There are some other rules, such as the tickets cannot be transferred to anyone else, and they cannot be sold.  Here are the 2016-17 program rules.  Be sure to check the updated rules every year for any changes.

If you’d like more reading motivators, hop on over.

Both my kids have grown so much in their reading over the years.  In the beginning, especially with DS, it was quite the struggle.  I know that having this as a motivator early in our homeschooling years helped with that.

I hope this helps your children to be more motivated to read on their own!

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