Growing Generosity and Compassion in Your Children – Part 2

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GenerosityGenerosity and Compassion.  Huge traits I want my kids to possess.  This next organization is very near and dear to my heart.  They are awesome, and do so much to bring children around the world out of poverty.


Their name is Children International. In a nutshell, they provide healthcare, educational support and job training before children graduate. In many countries around the world.


Hubby and I have been sponsoring a child since before we had our own kids. We’ve sponsored 2 kids from the Philippines (where hubby is from) and 2 from Zambia.  We saw our first sponsored child graduate the program 2 years ago (sniffle).

The last 3, our kids had a part in selecting where we picked the kids from, and who we picked in the end. Coincidentally, all our sponsored kids names have started with the first letter of my name, kind of a weird co-inki-dink that we’ve kept going.  One even has my name – ha!

My kids write to both our current sponsored children. They all call each other brothers and sisters. It’s awesome. They write each other about what’s going on in life, school, pets, sports etc.

We read about our sponsored kids countries, learn how they live and compare that to all we have. There’s a stark difference for sure.

My intentions are many-fold (beyond sponsoring children):

-For my kids to know how blessed they are.
-For them to know that it doesn’t take a lot to help people.
-Lessons in compassion and generosity that are subtle, almost hidden, and hit the heart    well.

Sneaky schooling:

-Geography lesson opportunities.
-Chances for my kids to use a little of their Tagalog lessons (Philippine language) in their  writing.
-Writing prompts that they want to complete (letters to their sisters)!  They love to  embellish their letters with drawings and stickers.

This is a letter we received from our sponsored child in Zambia.  She wants to be a nurse! We went on to tell her that is a wonderful profession, and we have a nurse in our family.


The letters are sent through Children International, so your address is protected. Unfortunately, the sponsored kids and their families often live in such severe poverty that they may feel led to solicit additional support from you if they had your address. But, Children International acts as a middle-man and makes sure any additional support you may want to give goes toward the intended purpose.

Sponsors have done amazing things for their sponsored kids and families, such as build houses, build community centers, pay for higher education, medical costs and more. You are able to easily donate additional funds for Easter, Christmas, extra gifts, and your sponsored child’s birthday through your donor portal on the Children International website.

When you give extra contributions, Children International staff in your sponsored childs’ community center meet with the family to determine the best use of the funds, and you’ll get a report back as to what the funds were used for. Sometimes, they’ll include pictures of your sponsored child with what they purchased, this is the best.

You can even visit your sponsored child! What an epic trip that would be!

How Sponsorship Works

It works like this:

  • Go to the Children International website, and view the kids available for sponsorship. You can simply view the kids they have on the page, or you can search by country, age, sex, birthday or first name. I’ve found that you’ll find one that just speaks to your heart.
  • Sign up to sponsor the child. It only costs $32 a month. It’s all tax deductible.
  • Write your child and introduce yourself. Send a picture if you’d like.
  • Look forward to getting your first letter from your child!

You will also receive a yearly update about your sponsored child regarding their health, schooling, and family. With this also comes an updated picture to keep on the fridge!

Watching your sponsored child grow, and the relationship your whole family will gain from sponsorship is awesome. I hope you will consider this addition to your family.

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  1. I love this! My children are now grown, but I’m passionate about promoting service and empathy in children so it will last a lifetime. I write a blog about frugally crafting and shopping in order to donate to charity so this is very important to me! Thank you so much for sharing.

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