A GIANT Reading Reward

Giant Reading RewardI am so excited to share this with you!!!  We LOVE this reading reward.  We LOVE roller coasters.  When they combine, oh boy, it’s awesome!  This is one of the best freebies that I’ve found, because it really is a huge freebie.  Not just an online resource.

We’ve been getting free Six Flags tickets every summer for six years.  Legally, I might add.  Haha

If you can get your family to a Six Flags and you have kids in kindergarden through sixth grade, you’re kids will LOVE you if you sign up for this reward.  And yes, it’s for homeschool kids. 

Jump up and down, I’ll wait ;).

All kids have to do, is read for fun (totally unrelated to school, and not required reading) for 6 total hours during the school year up until March 1st.  They can read books, ebooks, comic books, newspapers, and magazines.

In the beginning of our homeschool journey, getting the kids to read was a bit of a challenge.  The reminder of this reward was an awesome motivator.  Now, DD reads for hours every night.  DS is on to reading chapter books, and he’s getting into reading every night in bed like his sister.  This year, his reading has really taken off.  The ability of this reward to self-motivate is wonderful.

DD is in 6th grade this year, so next year we’ll have to pay for her ticket.  I’m fine with that though.  I’m grateful for the use of the program for 6 years with her, and we still have 2 more with DS.

All you, as teacher, have to do is register in the fall, complete the log as they do their reading, and NOT FORGET to submit reading hours by March 1st!

When you register for the program, you have to select which Six Flags park you will be visiting, as you cannot transfer your tickets.  Picking a different park each year is not a problem though, just be mindful of which park you would like to pick when you register.

The tickets will be issued electronically through your Six Flags Read to Succeed account, and they will also be emailed to you in early May.  The tickets are only good for certain dates that are determined by the parks, and will be printed on your tickets.

The year DD was finally tall enough for Kingda Ka in New Jersey, we were SO excited!!   (And by we, I mean my brother and I, hubby DOES NOT do roller coasters, lol.) 

This ride, is EPIC!! 

Giant Reading Reward

It launches you from 0 to 128 mph in 3.5 seconds, up a 456 foot inverted U, and spiraling down the other side!!  ~~(blazing electric guitar sound effects in your head please)~~  It’s the tallest coaster in the world, and the fastest in the North America, baby!

Anyways, back to the reading reward…

There are some other rules, such as the tickets cannot be transferred to anyone else, and they cannot be sold.  Here are the 2016-17 program rules.  

Put it on your calendar so you don’t forget to register in the fall!  

So, tell me – are you and your family thrill seekers?

Talk to me, I'd love to hear from you!