Have you ever wanted to Duck Tape your child to a chair?

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Duck Tape Child ChairHave you ever wanted to duck tape your child to a chair? 

I’ll wait a minute for you to stop laughing…..


Well, I have a legit reason for you to duct tape your child to a chair!!  For reals-ies!!

To study the invention, and experience the properties of it, of course!  We did this in our invention class at co-op.  I only had boys in this class.  They were so excited that I was going to tape them to chairs!!  (no one was harmed!!)

Here’s what we did:

First, a little of the history…

Did you know that a concerned Mom invented duck tape?

Mrs. Vesta Stoudt was her name.  She had two sons in the army during WWII.  They needed to access their ammunition quickly.  The ammunition was in boxes, but the paper and wax that was used to seal the boxes and create an easy access tab often fell apart, or got wet, leaving the soldiers fumbling to get their ammunition under fire!

The whole history can be found here.  Basically, Vesta got a job to do her part to support the war effort.  She inspected the boxes the ammunition was packed in, and came up with a better idea.  She presented the idea to her supervisors, but it fell on deaf ears. 

So, this determined Momma wrote to President Roosevelt!!  He thought it was a great idea.  President Roosevelt asked the War Production Board to get on it, and they sent it to General Robert Wood Johnson (of Johnson and Johnson) and the rest is history.

After you have reviewed the whole history with your kidos, (don’t tell them what you’re going to do yet), watch this How It’s Made video, and this Mythbusters video.

Give everyone a piece of Duck Tape to inspect its construction and tear it.  There is an art to tearing Duck Tape so it’s straight, and useable – a good skill to have.

Now, tell them they all need to find a chair (it’s also helpful if they have long sleeves on).  Let them know that you are going to challenge them, by getting out of being Duck Taped to a chair!

We wrapped the Duck Tape 6 times around each chair and boy.  It only took them a few minutes to get out.  There will be lots of giggling!!  Other classes were wondering what in the world we were doing 🙂

They wanted more of a challenge, and determined that using the edge of the back of the chair to pull against and cut the tape made it easier for them.

So, they moved to the floor, and we did this:

Duck Tape Child Chair

Hahaha.  It did take them a little longer to get out of this.

This was seriously fun.

We also inspected the differences in generic duck tape, and the real deal Duck Tape.  There is definitely a difference in thickness, strength and rip-ability.  

We then reviewed some questions:

Who invented duck tape?

What problem was the inventor trying to solve?

Did they succeed, or stumble upon a different invention?

Is there anything you would change about duck tape?

The point is to get them thinking.  To know that not only geniuses with million$ invent things.  I think this will cement, or uh duck tape, this idea in their minds 🙂


Now go Duck Tape your child to a chair!


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I’ve also just released the class as a PDF – head on over to my shop through the link below if you would like to do this class with your homeschool!

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  1. Well you learn something new everyday! What a fantastic fun way of teaching children (and adults) about the history of duck tape! Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time.

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