Corner Bookmark DIY with No Gluing and No Figuring Angles!

Corner BookmarksThese corner bookmarks are great.  They hug your pages, and don’t fall out like regular bookmarks.  And the way we make them, they are super easy!  They are endlessly personalizable too.

Everybody gets junk mail.  Even those of us who have set up most bills to be dealt with online still get amazing amounts of paper mail.  Here’s something you can do with that mail before tossing it in the recycling – Corner Bookmarks!

Corner Bookmarks

You don’t have to figure out any angles, or wait for glue to dry or anything.  Just cut off the corners of your envelopes, and get decorating.  Foam sheets, construction paper, stickers, markers, crazy eyes – whatever is in your creative stash can be used to make these bookmarks your own.

Corner Bookmarks

Cut the corners off your junk mail, stash them and have them available for quick doodle sessions when your kids get the urge!

Corner Bookmarks

You can include little charts on the back to help your kids keep track of their reading, towards prizes, pizza, and roller coasters of course!

Corner Bookmarks

These can even be left in library books as a happy greeting to the next reader. Much like the painted rock craze thats going around. 🙂

Other Ideas:

  • Design specific to subject of book
  • Design alternative cover
  • Kids can mark pages of textbooks with question jotted down on blank bookmark for review when parent available (these stay put better than slips of paper)
  • Great place for kids to write down words to look up and add to their weekly spelling/comprehension list

Happy bookmarking!

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