Do You Let Your Kids Write in Colored Pens on their Schoolwork?

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Colored Pens
Do you let your kids write with colored pens on their schoolwork?  GASP!  Well, never fear – erasable pens are here!!

Why is that a rule anyway in public school – blue or black ink only –  #2 pencils only?  I think the #2 pencils are for those lovely bubble sheets to be read by a machine, but what’s up with the pen color?

Boring!!  It’s another perk of homeschooling I think – to do your work in color!!  Make your work pretty/fun/different.

Last year we found these awesome pens that ERASE completely.  They use a special ink that is erased by friction and heat.  The erasers on the pens actually feel more like rubber than eraser.  Most of the colors actually got all used up, the kids liked them so much.

It seems like a little thing, but both the kids enjoyed picking the color they were going to use and make their work special.  Whatever I need to do to keep us truckin’, right?

I’m talking the rainbow – everything from yellow to green to black (although I had to ask the kids not to use the yellow ’cause it’s just too light for my eyes to see).

Do you worry that they won’t be able to correct their mistakes, or it will be too messy with part of the original answer still showing?  Don’t be, it erases pretty darn good – just check out my pics above and below.  And yes, the ink can be erased with a regular eraser also.  They even erase out of workbook paper.

Colored Pens

Colored Pens


Add another item to your kids’ “perks of homeschooling list”!  Get these pens!

If you’re not quite ready for colored pens, I hear you – baby step with these.  For colored pencils, we use these:

They work really well, and erase perfectly.

Colored Pens

How do your kids make their work unique, special and their own?


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  1. Hi Maria, we use colored pencils and pens too:) I am a big fan of anything that gets my kids more interested in their schoolwork. We also use dry erase boards and colored markers as an alternative to traditional worksheets and pencils. My kids love it! I love reading homeschool posts with great out of the box thinking. Thanks for the ideas, Heidi

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