15 Ways to Infuse LEGO into your Homeschool

LEGO ClassI don’t know if I had more fun with the Inventions Class, or this LEGO Brainiacs Class this year at co-op.  They were both loads of fun.

You can use this LEGO Class as a summer program, part of a kids club at church, in your own homeschool, or in your co-op.  Everything is laid out for you.  Lessons, links, list of supplies needed. Continue reading

How to Make Your Own Stop Action Film with LEGO!

Stop Action FilmAre your kids really into the LEGO stop action films?  How would they like to make one of their own?  Stop action films have always fascinated me.  I think it goes back to making flip books when I was younger.  Well, this past semester we actually made a little stop action film in my LEGO Brainiacs class at co-op. Continue reading

Wanna See LEGO Fly? – LEGO Zip-Line

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LEGO Zip LineMy kids love LEGO, so much that I created a LEGO Brain-Twist class for our homeschool co-op.  We’ve been having so much fun with this class, you cannot imagine.  My favorite so far (and I think it’s been the kids favorite so far too) has been the LEGO Zip Line.

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