Art lessons with Geography, History, Nature Studies, Astronomy & More!

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Chalk PastelsLast year I was looking for something a little more unique or “meatier” when it came to art in our little homeschool.  Drawing, painting, clay work we had done.  I happened upon this site for chalk pastels. 

I was so excited – I had recently found some old pastels at my Nana’s.  Chalk Pastels are so enjoyable – just messy enough to have a good time – easy enough for all ages to be engaged – and very affordable.

Chalk Pastels


An awesome thing about these lessons, is that they can compliment other lessons in your day.  Think Geography/Architecture – The Golden Gate Bridge; Seasons – Pumpkin patches and Snowflakes; History/Geography – Lincoln Memorial and The White House; Astronomy – Constellations and Eclipses!

You ARE an Artist Curriculum Bundle

You can get these lessons in ebook form, or if you need a little more guidance you can get videos. – You can purchase individual books, or bundles at a time.

The only other things you need are chalk pastels, and paper.  Construction and computer paper work just fine, or you can get sturdier art paper.

These are the chalk pastels we have, I think they’re super.

The lessons are put together by a Homeschooling Mom (Tricia Hodges) and her Mother (Nana).  They make everything easy and comfortable, just like you were at their house with them.  

They often pop in on their Facebook page and give lessons, and there is a Pinterest page just for sharing your kids’ artwork!  The video lessons are taught by the HodgePodge Nana herself (a different Nana from mine, but all Nana’s are awesome!)

Chalk Pastels

We’ve enjoyed complimenting our school with this medium, and I know you will too!  It fits seamlessly into anything you are studying.  Not to mention it’s just plain fun.

American Landmarks

8 thoughts on “Art lessons with Geography, History, Nature Studies, Astronomy & More!

  1. Beautiful! We recently created chalk pastel artwork and my kids had a great time and created some masterpieces! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂
    today I’m your neighbor at Friendship Friday!

  2. Your artwork looks great! We have used pastels but, so far, only for Stone Age style cave painting pictures – for the organic smudgy effects. Maybe we should use them more often! 🙂 #HSBAT

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