My plan for April Fools, and why it’s not on 4/1 this year

April Fools

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Two years ago, and the year before that, I played April Fools tricks on the kids.  They loved it, and still talk about it today.  Last year, for whatever reason, I didn’t play any tricks.  I have heard about it all.  year.  long.  They obviously missed it!

Sometimes I forget to inject a little unexpectedness into our homeschool lives, and it’s nice to be the fun Mom every once in a while!  Getting stuck in routine is my m-o, so I needed this as much as the kids missed it.

This year, April Fools was on a Saturday.  That particular day, my daughter would be away at a youth weekend retreat.  So, we are going to do April Fools Day on Monday the 3rd in our house.  In my book, it’ll still counts – at least it’s happening IN the month of April!

The first year I played tricks on them, I made “grilled cheese” which was really pound cake toasted a little with colored icing as cheese, “fruit punch” (which I never make) which was really just colored water and “cake” which was really pizza-filled dough baked in a fancy bundt pan with cheese as “icing”.  

April Fools Grilled Cheese

“Grilled Cheese and Fruit Punch”


April Fools Cake


A little of the pizza sauce  spilled out of the dough – but DD just thought it was strawberry filling!

The kids said I really got them good!  Yes, we ate dessert before dinner 🙂 

The trick is, to have the kids out of the kitchen while you’re cooking all of this.  The smells won’t match up to what they see you put in front of them, so that’ll just add to the confusion!  Their favorite was the “grilled cheese”

Playing tricks on the kidos is just fun!


The second year I made “cool aid” which was really jello – gotta put the straws in before the jello sets! and “mini burgers”  which were really vanilla wafers as a bun, mint chocolate covered cookies as the burger, colored coconut shavings as lettuce and red icing for ketchup.  

The “cool aid” was hilarious – very hard to suck up through a straw!

April Fools Mini Burgers

“Mini Burgers with Juice”

This year, my plans are a mix of food and non-food items. 

I’m going to make:

“brownies” for breakfast, which are really just a pan of brown E’s cut out of construction paper; a 

head” in a jar of green-colored water for the fridge (which I will present to them as juice if they fail to notice it!),

cupcakes” for dinner which will really be meatloaf muffins topped with mashed potato “icing”, and for the grand finale

chicken not pies” which are really pudding with starburst as peas and carrots in a small pie dish, topped with pie crust hehehe.  I can’t wait! 

Oh, and I’m going to create a fake spill of milk on my DD’s computer!  She just recently spilled real coffee on her computer (egads!), and we had to painstakingly take it apart and managed to dry it all up, so this’ll be close to home, but still funny!

I WILL NOT live the next year with my kids picking on me that I didn’t do April Fools.  I think I have it amply covered. 

April Fools is  gonna rock this year!  Here’s how it all went:

The “brownies” got my DD out of bed faster than anything before (I think tomorrow I’ll make real brownies for breakfast just to see what happens)!

I hollered up to her that I made brownies and french toast for breakfast, and she came right down (which is very unlike her!).  I asked her which she would like, and of course she said brownies…this is what I presented her with:

April Fools Brown E's

Brown E’s

She was very confused, it was very funny.  DS said he was really expecting brownies! They ate their french toast while watching Spangler science – not even grumbling that there were no brownies.

As for the head in the fridge:  This really caught DS off guard, he said “WHAT is in the fridge Mom?!” They really thought it was a head in a jar!  I told them I was making juice, and to strain it so they wouldn’t get any hair or pieces of brain in their juice.

They were looking at me very strangely!  When they took the container out, and took the lid off they quickly realized it was just a joke.  They told me I was super weird.  Hahaha!

April Fools Head in the Fridge

Head in the fridge

They were already asking me what was for dinner, and it wasn’t even lunch time yet!

Onward!  (I was having fun, and I think they were too!)



April Fools Cupcakes and Pie

Chicken Pot Pie and Cupcakes – Right?

The kids came running down the stairs when I called them for dinner, we were all starving. They looked, and they looked.  Both were confused as to what was what.  DS even asked me if that was really just milk before he drank some!

April Fools Cupcakes

They took a bite of crust, then part of the filling of the “pot pie”, something was off based on their faces.  I served them a cupcake, they apprehensively took a bite of the “frosting” and then the “cupcake”, then back to the “pot pie”. I was dying, we discussed what was what – they had to guess first – and they happily dug in.

Dinner was a success!

The milk spill – this thing took forever to dry!  I would give it 24 hours, not just the 6-10 hours noted in the instructable.  I set it out in the sun on the back of the truck to speed things along…that wasn’t a very good idea, as this made it “wavy” and when I tried to peel it up, it broke.

But, I pieced it together, slapped it on DD’s laptop, turned the light off and said “What in the world is on your computer!?”  She came running over and said “I didn’t do that!”, touched it, picked it up and threw it at me with a smile – hahaha, got her.

April Fools


Oh, this day was fun!  I’m glad I did it – and I’m definitely making brownies for breakfast tomorrow!!

Did you have a good April Fools day?  If you haven’t had yours yet – give yourself some grace and declare it April Fools day. 

Or, declare “shenanigan day” and have some fun!  Shake up your homeschool lives a little – never know when funny memories will get you through a tough day ahead.

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