Does the Idea of Setting up a Pool Overwhelm You?

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Above Ground PoolDoes the idea of setting up a pool overwhelm you? What do you think about pools for your backyard?  Are you scared at the idea of setting one up?  I have been.  I really haven’t felt like getting one, but it’s been a request of the kids and hubby for a few years.  Continue reading

Quick and Easy DIY Lap Desk

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DIY Lap DeskI was procrastinating hard today.  I was supposed to be writing posts, and getting ahead.

But, my brain didn’t want to.  You can all relate, right?

So, what do I do when I procrastinate?  Usually get myself into a project.  Sewing, building etc.  It’s been a while since I got my building fix on, and that’s all I could think about.  So today, I made some lap desks for the kidos. Continue reading

The Last Day of School?? What do you do When Your Plans go Out the Window?

Last Day of SchoolYep, I had it all planned out.  This year, I was going to get “last day of school” pictures. Maybe we’d go to the zoo, or a museum and enjoy ourselves.

The last day of school was going to be 5-31.  We didn’t have any plans for Memorial Day, so we’d have a nice short 3 day week to cap us off.

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Getting the Kids Away from Cereal – Mind Fuel for the Win

Mind Fuel

Do you struggle with your kids wanting to eat all morning long?  Does breakfast stretch out for hours?

The opposite of Mind Fuel.

Cereal.  How I loathe thee.  It’s not the cheapest breakfast item.  The kids never want the most healthy options.  And, when they eat it, they’re hungry again in an hour!!

Drives me nuts.  Continue reading

Putting the Homeschool Schedule in the Kids’ Hands.

Homeschool ScheduleI’m an accountant by trade, a methodical person by nature, and I love spreadsheets.  The first couple years of our homeschooling journey, I would schedule out our assigned courses by day and week using spreadsheets.  I still do, but in the beginning I was very stingy with my spreadsheets!

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Have you ever wanted to Duck Tape your child to a chair?

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Duck Tape Child ChairHave you ever wanted to duck tape your child to a chair? 

I’ll wait a minute for you to stop laughing…..


Well, I have a legit reason for you to duct tape your child to a chair!!  For reals-ies!!

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Getting Out Of Bed – The Struggle is REAL! – How do you Deal?

 Getting Out of BedGetting out of bed – the struggle is real, folks.

There are many reasons I am grateful that we homeschool.  One of which, is the flexibility of time and sleep.

Do you remember your mom telling you something like “You just wait until you have kids, it’ll come back to you.”

Lord, that is true on SO MANY levels!

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Fabric Blackberry Dye and the Invention of Synthetic Dye

Blackberry DyeThis semester, one of the classes I’m teaching at our co-op is “Inventions-It was intended for What!?”. This Blackberry Dye was our latest Invention class experiment.  I wrote a few weeks ago about our cheese-making fun, check that out if you missed it – super yummy!

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